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06/24/2018 20:55Wanted head of Dagestan Medical & Social Examinations Bureau found in Ukraine    ( )
The inspection was launched following a complaint by an employee of a Medical & Social Examinations Bureau, RIA Derbent reported. They accused ...
06/20/2018 03:30Dagestani village protesters face detentions after rally against district Head    ( )
At the same time, RIA Derbent and the newspaper Chernovik write that about 200 protesters faced the crackdown, the central square was cordoned off ...
06/13/2018 11:20Discover the Secret Beauty of Russia with TV Documentary BEYOND YOUR WORLD: INTO ...    ( The Fan Carpet )
... the oldest city in Russia built 5,000 years ago called Derbent, the snow-capped volcanoes of Kamchatka and a pristine island in the Arctic thought to ...
05/20/2018 12:25Yakima's mostly forgotten sister cities, explained    ( Yakima Herald-Republic )
Derbent, Russia — 1989. Yakima Herald-Republic archives show this relationship began in 1989, two years after the City Council decided against ...
05/07/2018 04:25Dagestani deputy wanted for swindling gets detained in Tver    ( )
... of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code), has been federally wanted since November 2017. According to the investigation, in Derbent in late 2011, ...
04/23/2018 04:05Russia says kills nine militants plotting attack in Dagestan    (The Express Tribune)
Nine killed in 'anti-terror' raid in Russia - The Express Tribune
04/22/2018 12:10Russia reports 10 terror suspects killed in Caucasus region    (TASS)
Nine gunmen plotting terror attack on May Day shot dead in Dagestan - TASS
04/07/2018 12:10How Could This Happen?    ( Asbarez Armenian News )
This range is very significant and forms a huge wall spanning the (very large) “isthmus” between the Black and Caspian Seas. The easiest way to get from south to north (or vice-versa) of these mountains is through the Derbend Pass, located on the Caspian Coast, in the Daghestan Republic of Russia.
04/07/2018 12:10Meet the 7 Russian Oligarchs Hit by the New US Sanctions    (The Straits Times)
Meet the 7 Russian oligarchs hit by new US sanctions - The Straits Times
04/02/2018 21:15Dagestan initiates criminal case against chief architect of Derbent    ( )
Acting Chief of the Department for Architecture and Urban Development of the administration of Derbent Abulferz Akhmedkhanov is suspected of Negligence (part 1 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, the official did not check the documents and ...
03/07/2018 20:10Muslim community in Russia '25 million' strong    ( Yeni Şafak English )
"Islam came to Russia in the seventh century. Followers of our Prophet Muhammad came to Russia 22 years after he left earthly life. "They came to a city that is currently known as Derbent, it is in Southern Dagestan. And the first Adhan, call to worship, in Russia, was made on the lands of Dagestan," the ...
03/07/2018 20:10Islam in Russia    ( )
The Muslim community in Russia continues to grow, having reached 25 million, according to the grand mufti of Russia, Sheikh Rawil Gaynetdin. In a recent interview, Gaynetdin has ... "They came to a city that is currently known as Derbent, it is in Southern Dagestan. And the first Adhan, call to worship, ...
02/28/2018 11:20Dagestan: Minister of Architecture and Housing absconds after searches    ( )
... in his house and at the workplace, Acting Minister of Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Dagestan Ibragim Kazibekov fled Russia. ... suspects would sell a square meter of housing worth 25 thousand 450 rubles ($452) to the residents of Derbent for 34 thousand 850 rubles ($619),” a ...
02/20/2018 03:20Azerbaijan, Russia interested in creation of electrical grid with Georgia    ( Trend News Agency )
"During the meeting, the sides discussed the issues of an increase in energy exchange between the two countries, as well as the construction of the Yashma-Derbent second interstate power transmission line, which will play an important role in the intensification of the North-South energy corridor," the ...
02/14/2018 03:10Dagestan siloviki accused of kidnapping    ( )
Shikhakhmedov stated that on February 8 in Derbent FSB officers allegedly drove his son Aslan away in an unknown direction. ... republican leadership by the interdepartmental commission under the leadership of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Ivan Sydoruk, it was found out that ...
02/08/2018 03:10Protecting the environment is becoming a deadly occupation in Russia    ( Open Democracy )
In 2013 plans to create another fifty water catchment areas in the delta, to supply water to the cities of Derbent and Izberbash, triggered social unrest in the region: people held spontaneous rallies and were ready to build a protest camp. In December of that year the army was brought out to put down the ...
11/25/2017 14:30In Dagestan in a shootout with deputies two people were killed    ( (press release) )
... managed to leave Russia, said the website The village of Esedoglu is less than an hours drive from the border with Azerbaijan. In the Republic declared the plan “Interception”. According to the publication, in the massacre, in addition to erelieva was attended by another Deputy of the Derbent.
09/19/2017 15:45Absolution to Makhachkala mayor's son surprised lawyers    ( )
The editor-in-chief of RIA Derbent noted that the public expected that “there will be some kind of punishment”. According to him, the verdict of acquittal ...
06/27/2017 18:00Why Russia's most dangerous region is loved by the locals    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
Why Russia's most dangerous region is loved by the locals ... Dagestan's Derbent is one of the most ancient cities in the world, having belonged at ...
05/19/2017 18:10Бывших граждан Азербайджана в Дагестане призывают Đş сНуМйо в азербайджанской армии    ( OC Media (blog) )
Two former Azerbaijani citizens who have received Russian citizenship complained at a press-conference in Derbent on 17 May that the Azerbaijani ...


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